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Herbal Remedies to the Rescue

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Our supplement journey started with a real-life case study- a mother, struggling with auto-immune disease. First, an inspiration to dive deeper into the world of self healing and herbal remedies, then- one of the three founders.

Our aim is for people to live the MAMARIKA experience as part of their daily wellness routine, feeling healthier, more focused and energised.
herbal remedies

We were on a quest to find natural, Ayurvedic ways of healing and discovered wildcrafted sea moss- and its powerful health benefits.

Sea moss has 92 out of 102 vitamins and minerals found in the human body. It is mostly rich in iodine and is one of the most effective, natural supplements for thyroid and supporting hormonal balance in the body.

Marika was making her gel sea moss that she recommended to Agnes. Our gel sea moss worked wonders but the taste was pretty harsh. Aga suggested they should find a way to develop sea moss supplements that can be tasteless, easy to swallow and can be stored for longer than the gel one.

We developed a way to make it into capsulated form, efficiently capturing all the goodness in the simplest form. Shortly after, we developed a range for fitness-focused people.

We have used some of the most adaptogenic herbs on the planet, two types of ginseng and healing mushrooms. All great for energy, focus and recovery.

Easy to supplement at home or traveling and can be stored for a very long time, without the need to be kept in the fridge. MAMAMRIKA & Co's sea moss is one of the highest quality and stored in dark, glass bottles, which makes a huge difference.

Most sea moss supplements are stored in clear- plastic containers which decrease their nutritional values due to reactiveness with the sunlight and plastic packaging.

Our supplements are already loved by professional athletes, family, friends and our returning customers.

The last missing piece of the puzzle was creating herbal mixes. First, they were made for family and friends and the feedback was great that they started to develop energy-boosting products based on strong, ancient and adaptogenic herbs.

Our belief is that true power can be found in nature's gifts and use to our advantage.

To find out more about our herbal supplements head to our next blog post.


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