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ADAPTOGENS + IMMUNITY - Boost Your Immune System Before Winter

Updated: Sep 1, 2023


Let's face it, summer days are over.

Are you wondering how to fight off that feeling of fatigue and end-of-summertime sadness?

Well, we thought of giving you a few simple tips to feel better this autumn.

1. Boost your immune system.

Boosting our immune system is especially important during a rainy autumn period where exposure to antigens is high.

When we talk about antigens we mean cold, changing temperatures, shorter days-less sun, or experiencing more stress (even due to the energetically changing season) that make us more prone to infections.

The immune system is a very complex beast. It plays many roles in every moment of our lives, although we are rarely aware of it. It is connected with our nervous, digestive, and endocrine systems. If you want to spend the next six months in good health, instead of lying under a blanket with a fever, try these three proven ways to improve immunity:

2. Check your vitamin D3 levels

adaptogens capsual

If you are recently feeling tired and sleepy you can schedule an appointment with GP to get your blood checked. You can check it for vitamin D3 deficiency on this basis, and choose the right dose for you depending on your results.

However, if you live in the UK, you are most likely not getting much sun anyway and we advise taking vitamin D3 as a supplement for your daily immunity booster.

We recommend vitamin D3 containing between 4,000-8,000 units. You can find some great supplements on Amazon or local organic shops but check the Units marker as it really makes a difference.

We also advise combining vitamin D3 with vitamin K7, that way they are absorbed by the body more efficiently.

3. Don't be scared of cold temperatures

Expose yourself to the cold and do it now!

The temperature is gradually lowering right now, which gives you time to adjust to the cooler weather. We recommend long walks and spending lots of time outside and proper ventilation of your house. Thanks to this, the body will have time to prepare and become more resistant to cold.

4. Implement adaptogenic herbs into your daily self-care routine

sea moss

Use adaptogens regularly to help improve your overall health, energy, and vitality. If you are constantly tired of catching infections and being ill, Sea Moss, Rhodiola Rosea, Stinging Nettle, Ginseng Panax, Reishi mushrooms, or Ashwagandha can work very well, just to name a few.

You can find all of these herbs and many more in our supplement range. It is best to combine them for maximum effect and quicker results. Herbal supplements such as; sea moss capsules, herbal teas, or superfood blends are a fantastic addition to anyone's wellness routine, whether you are a fitness enthusiast, professional athlete, or a busy mum or dad.

Herbs for Energy

Our pre-workout blend can be used as a coffee alternative to keep you energized and

focused during the day as well as before your workout routine, to give you a natural boost and fight inflammation meaning faster recovery. It contains ashwagandha, stinging nettle, Reishi mushrooms, turmeric, Lion's mane, Peruvian cacao rich in Magnesium, and many more active, adaptogenic ingredients.

sea moss

Sea Moss Benefits

Our ea moss is rich in 92 vitamins and nutrients out of 102 that we have within our bodies, supporting your thyroid and hormonal balance. It is a very potent herbal supplement for weight loss and a great supplement for menopause, to help you restore your balance.

Rhodiola Rosea + Ginseng

Last but not least, you can choose three in one adaptogenic boost

by choosing our Muscle Growth Enhancer. It contains Rhodiola Rosea, Ginseng Panax, and Siberian Ginseng which act as the most adaptogenic herbs. A combination of these herbs improves well-being so significantly that they are used for people struggling with depression and anxiety. It also shows anti-inflammatory and recovery properties as well as reducing stress hormones in the body.

muscle growth

Immune system support

You can now use a special code at the checkout: IMMUNE3 to enjoy 10% off on our herbal supplements.

This is the first code we are giving out this year, and it will be available only until the end of September.

If you are planning to stock up before winter to support your immune system, we encourage you to choose your supplements before the code expires.

Adaptogens research

We always encourage our customers and readers to do their own research to understand how powerful these gifts of nature are.

In the next blog, we will write more about each herb and how it can help you to thrive, not just survive.


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