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Bodybuilding and Gym Supplementation

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Our drive is to show people how we truly hold the power to change our health and that it is a holistic practice. Everything we are doing was born from our own experiences and testing. Starting with cooking, making herbal blends, losing weight, overcoming our limitations, struggling with hormonal illnesses, anxiety, and post-lock down depression. We turned that around and now it became a quest to share it with others.

One of our 3 founders, Klaudia was always active and was researching new ways of improving her health and fitness. Always educating herself about new ways to optimise health and nutrition in the human body, different supplements, and healthy foods available.The real journey of understanding nutrition began when she decided to take it to the next level and compete in bodybuilding competition.

Bodybuilding and Gym Supplementation

With a strict training regime and a macro-oriented meal plan, high-nutrition foods and supplementation were a priority. Being a 'foodie' it was extremely hard to find great-tasting sauce, (including ketchup) without any preservatives, sugar, and an excess amount of calories. Like she says;

’ There is nothing worse than a‘free from' product that contains aspartame or artificial sweeteners and tastes bland.’

One day Marika invented her jerk zucchini ketchup that was delicious, had no added sugar or fat, and for Klaudia, it was like chicken and rice had a new life in that sad meal prep box.

Bodybuilding and Gym Supplementation

Herbal Gym Supplements

Klaudia, needed some energy-boosting herbs to fuel her workouts and improve endurance and focus. She believes that working out, being mindful or following a meal plan is one way to improve health but it all starts within and requires a holistic approach. Many of the gym supplements she was using especially pre-workouts were full of caffeine, taurine, and modified amino chain acids.

A combination of those left her feeling at times anxious, some caused jitters and headaches after training due to rapid spikes of energy prior to training. They were full of artificial colouring, sweeteners or fillers, and artificial energy-boosting substances that gave the energetic kick but did not improve long-term health and well-being.

This is where our journey with herbalism began and we searched for herbs and mixes to substitute all of the chemical supplements for natural ones that would give the same feeling of energy and focus.

Klaudia and her other friends at the gym began to use

MAMARIKA & Co supplements to improve their recovery, strength, and endurance at the gym. Word spread quickly and many athletes in the industry felt like this is a great initiative and a gap in the market to be fulfilled.

Saint Lucia's

'To find the true power in nature, we must ground ourselves and return to our roots'.

Mamarika & Co's mission is to show that natural, herbal supplements can be used to elevate the mind, nourish the spirit and build a strong body. These herbal supplements consist of Saint Lucia's wildcrafted sea moss and some other adaptogenic herbs such as; Siberian Ginseng, Ginseng Panax, or Rhodiola Rosea and many others.

All of the herbal mixes are based on traditional, known for centuries herbs.


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