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Driven by Personal Journey


Our wellness company was born from a deep understanding of women's challenges in modern society. We are more likely to deal with conditions like Hashimoto, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, lack of energy, and the complex world of hormonal imbalances.


A real-life story, a real problem, and a few years of herbal discoveries transformed into MAMARIKA & Co. Drawing from our journey, we've curated a collection of herbal supplements, to redefine modern wellness. 


Our Goal: 


We want to offer a helping hand to those facing similar struggles. We've turned our battles into a roadmap for rejuvenation, and we invite you to join us in embracing vitality, balance and renewed energy with MAMARIKA & Co. 

The MAMARIKA & Co. you see today is more than a brand but a lifestyle attainable for anyone fascinated by natural medicine and adaptogenic herbs. They’re balancing, calming, or energising. Mood-boosting. Libido-lifting. They can improve your focus and help to fight fatigue especially when accompanied by an appropriate diet, detox, and wellness routine which we can help you to adopt into your daily routine.  


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Mrika is a passionate, certified herbalist dedicated to the art of healing and rejuvenation through the potent magic of herbs. 
With years of experience, each recipe she creates is harmonious with nature's gifts, carefully curated, for maximum strength, visible effects, and a mission to to restore balance and invigorate the body and soul. 

Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern insights, she crafts remedies that speak to the heart of holistic well-being. 



Klaudia on the other hand was on the quest to find her life's mission. 

After going through a dark time in her life she discovered what's her number one value in life- Great health and a peaceful mind.


First, fixing the diet, then working on the mind and the body, taking small steps to create big changes.  As a personal trainer and nutritionist, she was always interested in new ways of improving performance and well-being looking for natural foods and natural supplementation. However, the real deal began when she decided to take it to the next level and compete in a bodybuilding competition. 

With a strict training regime and a macro-oriented meal plan, supplementation and high-nutrition foods were a priority. This is where she started research on herbs that improve performance, energise, and speed up recovery. 



Our supplement journey started with a real-life case study- a mother, struggling with the auto-immune disease- Hashimoto.  First, an inspiration, then- one of the three founders.  We were on a quest to find natural, Ayurvedic ways of healing and discovered wildcrafted sea moss- and its powerful health benefits. 

After personal and home use she saw how amazing the effects are and she thought of sharing this with other women who struggle with the same problem.

Agnes changed her diet to help with insulin resistance and improve thyroid health alongside natural supplementation, and a training plan, she is back to feeling better than ever at the age of 50.

Her passion is to show others that you can change the way you feel, function, and heal your body, by looking for answers and not only believing what conventional medicine has to say. 



We make the purest and most potent herbal supplements, including sea moss capsules, loose-leaf teas, herbal tinctures, and adaptogenic super blends to improve your performance, support your thyroid, and hormones, or enhance the quality of your sleep.


After coming together, our lives changed.

Each day took on a new rhythm, our bodies began to recover faster and various pains disappeared. We changed the way we fed our bodies and minds. Suddenly, a new intention appeared - to serve a greater purpose.  

The dream for Mamarika & Co was born - a wellness brand created for people. 

Our drive is to show people how we truly hold the power to change our health and that it is a holistic practice. Everything we are doing was born from our own experiences and testing.


Starting with making herbal blends, losing weight, overcoming our limitations, and struggling with hormonal illnesses, anxiety, and post-lockdown depression.

We turned that around and now it became a quest to share it with others.

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