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wildcrafted sea moss

To find the true power in nature, we must ground ourselves and return to our roots.
Mamarika's mission is to help you RE-discover gifts of nature to elevate the mind, nourish your spirit and support your body, NATURALLY!




We make the purest and most potent herbal supplements, including sea moss capsules, loose-leaf teas,  herbal tinctures, and adaptogenic super blends to improve your performance, support your thyroid, or enhance the quality of your sleep.


We know how life stops for a moment when your health is declining. We once too, had a problem.  

Hormonal imbalances, lack of energy, Hashimoto, insulin resistance, stubborn weight, or poor recovery, to name a few. 

Sounds familiar? 

We were searching for alternative methods to heal our bodies and break free from constant tiredness and poor lifestyle. We discovered the true power of natural supplementation combined with the right diet and training and fell in love with the results!

Now, we want to share it with you on your journey to

re-discover the gifts of nature and restore your health! 


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Our Services

Green Hills


& Nutrition 

Transform your health and work on your wellness goals with our professional nutrition and coaching consultancy, guiding you towards a balanced lifestyle and lasting results.

Consult with a Herbalist

Receive personalised care plan with our expert herbalist consultant.  

Get holistic solutions to optimise your well-being and tackle any unwanted health conditions through the use of natural methods and herbal medicine.   

Detox & Parasite Cleanse 

Renew your body and reclaim your vitality with our detox and parasite cleanse package including herbal tinctures and diet program, designed to eliminate toxins, parasites, or fungi to restore optimal health from inside out.

muscle charger


Are you looking for a present or a thank you gift?

We got you covered.

The perfect health gift box includes our vegan cooking sauces, vegan chocolates, hormone-balancing sea-moss dietary supplement, and energy-boosting herbal supplements or a selection of our organic teas- you can choose and we do the rest! 


I bought the ‘Herbal pre-workout’ and the ‘muscle growth enhancer’ to power my workout and progress at the gym, I have to say I feel great and Have a natural boost of power and focus without the energy dip.

London Photographer, Filip



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